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Over 10 Years of Partnership in Title Insurance

Tower Title FAQs

We are a national title company that caters to the telecommunication industry. We pride ourselves on providing excellent service to all tower companies across the country. We also service other verticals such as solar farms, wind turbines, data centers, and billboards.
We are the first national title company to focus exclusively on commercial transactions, specifically telecommunications. Most title companies primarily focus on residential, refinances, and ∕ or purchase markets, but at Tower Title, we avoid these lines of business to focus all our attention on our tower clients.
Tower Title was founded in 2019. However, the founders and most of the staff have been in the title insurance and commercial space for over ten years. Collectively, our founders have more than 60 years of title insurance experience.

Our Process FAQs

Yes, we customize your products to match your business needs. We collaborate with you at every stage of the process to ensure every box on your list is checked to your satisfaction.
Our average turnaround time for a full search title commitment is 7–10 business days. For property report files where insurance is not required, we are able to complete the majority of the files within seven business days.
Yes, we process files in all 50 states. Tower Title is directly licensed in more than 30 states and partners with local title companies to process any file outside our direct licensing footprint.
We prepare title commitments and title reports for any transaction needed, including Fee Purchases, Leases, Lease Amendments ∕ Extensions, and Easements. We are well‐versed in the complexities and the level of search and examination involved in each of these transaction types, and we can tailor the product to those specific needs.
At Tower Title, any questions you may have will be addressed by a seasoned and experienced title examiner. We do not utilize a call center or customer service department and pride ourselves on answering all inquiries within the same business day.
We have extensive leverage to make independent underwriting decisions. We have excellent relationships with our underwriters, and in situations with unusual risks, we work side by side with them to find solutions that will allow the transaction to move forward.
We are very familiar with the various circumstances that may require some level of title work and understand that not all of these circumstances lead to the issuance of a title policy. We utilize the same experienced team that examines titles intended for policy to examine uninsured products. We expect that it may be 6–9 months before an option site is commenced and ripe for policy and that several factors may arise that delay closings for months and even years.

General Title Insurance FAQs

Tower Title is a title agent on behalf of multiple underwriters. As such, we can make risk decisions and directly control all aspects of the transactions. Our underwriters authorize and issue authority to their title agents to write insurance policies.
Securitization is the procedure where an issuer designs a marketable financial instrument by merging or pooling various financial assets into one group. The issuer then sells this group of repackaged assets to investors. In securitization, the company holding the assets, known as the originator, gathers the data on the assets it would like to remove from its associated balance sheets. Created securities represent a stake in the assets in the portfolio. Investors will buy the created securities for a specified rate of return. Mortgage-backed security (MBS) is a perfect example of securitization. After combining mortgages into one large portfolio, the issuer can divide the pool into smaller pieces based on each mortgage’s inherent risk of default. By buying into the security, investors effectively take the lender’s position. Securitization allows the original lender or creditor to remove the associated assets from its balance sheets. With less liability on their balance sheets, they can underwrite additional loans.

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