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Tower Title is a national title insurance company specializing in providing title and closing services to infrastructure companies within the Telecommunications, Energy, Datacenter, and Media sectors.
Tower Title: National Insurance for Infrastructure Sectors

Commercial Abstracts

Comprehensive, nationwide service that conducts precise and efficient real estate searching and reporting. From strict adherence to state-mandated title searching procedures to identifying title transfers, encumbrances, tax status, and more—Tower Title thoroughly handles intricate commercial real estate transactions.

Commercial Property Reports

Customizable property report services. Based on the client’s unique needs, we gather, analyze, and report on comprehensive property data, ensuring clients can confidently proceed toward closing deals.

Types of Assets we Service



We specialize in handling transactions related to leasing, acquiring, or building advertising structures, such as billboards.


Cellphone Towers

Whether you are building a new tower, co-locating on an existing site or expanding on the leased area to accommodate your 5G network build-out, Tower Title has the experience and depth to be your nationwide title and closing partner, ensuring you can build and expand with confidence.


Data Centers

Our reach doesn't stop at cell towers; we also facilitate our clients' acquisition of data centers, allowing them to control the spectrum as they build out their 5G networks.


EV Stations

Investments in EV Charging Stations infrastructure are rising drastically. Choosing a title agent that is experienced in large scale infrastructure transactions and understands the urgency of completing these transactions is critical. Tower Title, through its expert title and closing services, is enabling infrastructure companies to build out EV Charging Stations to keep up with the demand for electric vehicle charging.



Acquiring rooftop access through lease agreements is common for many of our clients who are expanding their infrastructure in urban areas to support 5G densification. We have the knowledge and expertise necessary to process your rooftop transactions anywhere in the US.



Solar transactions are nuanced, which is why it is important to select a title agent who understands the complexities of your transaction. Whether you are developing a utility-scale project or acquiring a standalone commercial solar site, Tower Title has the team to guide you through the process. Our team of experts will assist you throughout the transaction to help eliminate any title issues that may arise. We will work directly with your in-house due diligence team and outside counsel, to ensure that no title issue becomes a barrier that prevents your file from closing in a timely manner.



Wind infrastructure sites have become important asset types within the portfolios of energy infrastructure companies. Selecting the right title agent to work with you through these types of transactions can significantly impact the outcome. From examining complex land records to uncovering and resolving issues related to surface and sub-surface rights, Tower Title will eliminate any title issues that arise and ensure your transactions close in a timely manner.

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