Tower Title

How It Works

A Comprehensive Overview
of Our Process

At Tower Title, we provide our clients with support, answers, and resources at every step of our partnership.

Title Processing

A detailed property records search is completed, and all relevant title documents are reviewed within the land records and tax assessor databases.

Closing Process

Each closing is assigned to a member of Tower Title’s Closing team, who is well-versed in commercial and telecommunication transactions. The Closer will assist with scheduling all parties, preparing settlement statements, and performing all communication to close the deal smoothly.


Every securitization is analyzed before processing. Tower Title will organize the assets to be securitized, resulting in the verification of all necessary components to complete our client’s securitization process, which is presented, and expectations can be set. An audit of the asset data is completed to ensure the proper entity is on record, troubleshoot and resolve any title defects, and issue a final title commitment with the new entity and appropriate mortgage information.

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